Ararinha Jungle Lodge

Our lodge is located on the Paraná do Mamori,* Lago do Ararinha )   around 100 km south of Manaus.
You can get there by boat only. At a jungle lodge by private room, shared room by bed or hammock, if you do prefer you can stay at native people house combined with overnight in the jungle. From here we invite you to have your (first) jungle experience for adventure or study your specific interest in flora and fauna and get acquainted with the way of life of the local population.

We do not promise to show many  animal species found in the Amazon region as we do prefer to be honest and give you the right information . There is no hunting, professional fishing the  tree is felled  are exclusive for the local people need . That is why we can guarantee you a stay on a unique location in an unspoilt environment. Your eyes lose themselves in these magnificent surroundings, with water all around, jungle and panoramic views, in short, beauty in complete harmony.

we do not promise to show you a lot of animals as the jungle is very dense and most of the time the animals see us first

For  a rustic adventure package not using lodge , we do it for many years just send us a n e-mail and we take you

straight to the native people house and also for jungle overnight in huts made in time ofcourse we need at least a small group of

4 people or 1, 2  or 3 people who pays for 4 people as a private package