Amazon Gero has a very warm welcome for you traveller and adventurer, who wants to enjoy the wild life and fauna of the Amazon rain forest.
For over 20 years we organize excursions to almost anywhere you can imagine.

We operate in remote rain forest regions of  Juma River, about 100km south of Manaus and in the Anavilhanas Archipel 100km west of Manaus.

Sustainable tourism is our goal, we are spending over 5% of your money for social projects.
So far Amazon Gero built a community lodge and is offering his logistic, means transportation and medical care to the people in remote areas.
We make sure that all our excursions leave the minimal impact on the environment.

Our office is about 100m from the Amazon Theater in Manaus on the Rua 10 de Julho.
We offer airport transfer, hotel reservation, boat and plane tickets.

One of our famous clients was adventurer journalist Richard Rasmusson. He is presenting documentaries about the Amazon on Rede Record and SBT ( Brazilian TV stations).